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Detectapro is a supplier of metal detectable products used by companies in support of quality control efforts. Detectapro products help to reduce foreign objects contamination. Reasons for implementing metal detectable products range from companies following HACCP, or GMP or in the implementation of a six sigma program. Our products are primarily designed for use in the food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, but can be used in support of any effort to reduce foreign objects contamination. All companies using metal detection or X-Ray equipment in efforts to inspect for foreign objects contamination are candidates for Detectapro products. Detectapro is dedicated to developing and introducing new metal detectable products to the industry, and works closely with users in such development. Manufacturers are providing more ready to use products, increasing the processing component of the product, ultimately increasing the chances of foreign objects contamination. Foreign object contamination can be detrimental to a companies reputation, leading to costly recalls or expensive litigation. Detectapro would like to work with your company in achieving a reduction in foreign objects contamination.

Industries Served

Food • Healthcare • Textiles and Apparel • Packaging • Plastics

Introducing the 'Detecta Mark

Introducing the 'Detecta Mark' This permanent marker has a metal detectable body constructed out of the same material as our popular pen series. Removable cap fits snugly onto base of marker so it won't get misplaced

Introducing the all new 'Sampling Spoon'

PRESS RELEASE Detectapro your leading supplier of metal detectable products is now offering a metal detectable plastic sampling spoons. Through customer requests we have developed this product in two lengths. It is available in a 3 inch and 5 inch version depending on customer needs. It is made of High Density Polyethylene and is blue in color. If your company needs to taste or sample your product during production our spoons provide peace of mind as if lost you can find them given you use metal detectors to check your product for foreign objects. Secure your production areas by incorporating the use of our metal detectable products

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  • New Detectable Products
  • Felt Tip Pen
    Brand New Product !

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  • Markers and Spatulas
    Our new mini spatula which is 6' long with a flexible tip and a new marker using UV ink

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  • Card Holder

    Available in Blue

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  • Colored Detectable Ties
    We now offer 4 new colors of our 14'metal detectable cable ties

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