Suction Cups and Retainers

Vacuum depanner belts with silicone suction cups are widely used throughout the baking industry as a fast and effective method of extracting bakery products from oven pans on a moving conveyor belt. The heat and speed of the process results in inevitable wear on silicone based suction cups. Our metal detectable silicone suction cups are designed to reduce the risk of silicone fragments contaminating food products during the depanning process. The cups contain an evenly dispersed metal detectable additive, making them detectable. Our food grade metal detectable and x-ray visible retaining clips are designed to securely fit our range of detectable suction cups onto bakery depanner belts.

Our food grade belts are three ply fabric backed with a smooth white PVC finish on the products facing side. These belts are strong, highly durable, chemical resistant, and heat resistant to 230º F. Belts can be supplied pre-loaded with detectable retainers and suction cups or can be supplied blank. 

We supply a wide range of detectable retaining clips to achieve varying reach and airflow, as well as a wide range of detectable cups to achieve various levels of flex and optimum suction on the product. 

Depanner Belt

Detectapro Depanner Belt

Retainer Insertion Tool – RIT9

Retainer Insertion Tool – RIT8

Retaining Clip – RC8LNRBL

Retaining Clip – RCS95BL

Detectapro Retaining Clips

Retaining Clip – RCS9BL

Detectapro Retaining Clips

Retaining Clip – RCS8BL

Detectapro Retaining Clips

Retaining Clip – RCS66BL

Detectapro Retaining Clips

Suction Cup – SCP404014BL

Suction Cup – SCP405025BL

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