Flexible plastic and stainless steel scrapers. Plastic scrapers are 100% detectable and available in three sizes to fit most needs. Very Flexible (1.5mm thick), Semi Rigid (2.5mm thick), and Rigid (3.5mm thick) dough cutter scraper. Designed to be gentler on expensive equipment. Plastic scrapers also available in White Flexible model.

Stainless steel version has detectable plastic handle and is available in two sizes. Standard Flexible and Rigid dough cutter model.

MDSCR01- Flexible plastic scraper 1.5mm thick. 
MDSCR02- Semi rigid plastic scraper 2.5mm thick. 
MDSCR03- Rigid plastic scraper/dough cutter 3.5mm thick. 
MDWSCR01- White, Flexible. 
MDWSCR02- White, Flexible. 
MDSSCR01- Flexible stainless scraper with plastic detectable grip. 
MDSSCE02- Rigid stainless steel scraper/dough cutter with plastic detectable grip.

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