Cable Ties

Detectable key hole tags can be used to identify totes, ingredient bags, today’s production, racks, or bins. Disposable key hole tags are designed to address foreign body contamination concerns associated with regular paper traceability tags used in food processing environments and come in three sizes and a variety of colors. The facestock provides an uncoated paper printing surface with a thick metallic barrier to maximum resistance and durability. Tags have a wide operating temperature range (-5°F to 400°F) and feature a FDA approved adhesive for food processing environments (incidental contact only). Our key hole tags can be used as part of HACCP and BRC procedures showing due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination.

If you need something you don’t see, we have custom sizing and imprinting options available. Please contact Detectapro for your specific need.

Metal Detectable Cable Tie Mount, 1.1” x 1.1”

Metal Detectable Releasable Cable Tie (CRTIE14)

Cable Tie Gun


Cable Ties (Cties)

Blue, Red, Yellow and Green metal detectable cable ties
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