Metal Detectable Key Hole Tags and Tape

Metal detectable key hole tags small
Metal detectable key hole tags large

Detectapro features a wide variety of metal detectable labels and tags. Key Hole Tags can be used to identify totes, ingredient bags, today’s production, racks or bins. Our disposable Key Hole Tags come in three sizes and a variety of colors. 
Face stock provides an uncoated paper printing surface with a thick metallic barrier to maximize resistance and durability. If you need something you don’t see, we have custom sizing and imprinting options available. Please contact Detectapro for your specific need.

Metal detectable tape

Our Detectable Tape is 2″ wide by 55 yards long and comes in blue, red or yellow. The adhesive features a high initial tack and ultimate bond strength to a wide variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics, treated glass and corrugated cardboard. The adhesive is suitable for applications where compliance with FDA 175.105 is required. This section covers applications where incidental contact between food and adhesive could occur.