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In 2002, the founders of DetectaPro introduced a new vision to the food and pharmaceutical processing community. Our vision then, as it continues today, centers on reducing foreign object contamination in the manufacturing process. Most companies rely on metal detection or X-Ray detection systems to search for such occurrences. DetectaPro has focussed on bringing new products to market that are both metal and X-ray detectable. With HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) becoming more prevalent in the food industry, DetectaPro brings new solutions to old problems. Our products help support total quality assurance toward the final packaging and delivering of products requiring high levels of due diligence regarding foreign matter

America’s leading source for metal detectable products. Detectapro products help combat the risk of contamination in production areas and assist food and pharmaceutical companies in becoming HACCP compliant. Used correctly, Detectapro products offer a high degree of protection against contamination in production areas.

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Food • Healthcare • Textiles and Apparel • Packaging • Plastics • Rubber

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