BAKERY PRODUCT ALERT! Depanner Belt Our food grade belts are three ply fabric backed with a smooth white PVC finish on the products facing side. These belts are strong, highly durable, chemical resistant and heat resistant to 330.8º F. Belts can be supplied pre-loaded with detectable retainers and suction cups or can be supplied blank.  We supply a wide range of detectable retaining clips to achieve varying reach and airflow, as well as a wide range of detectable cups to achieve…

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PRODUCT ALERT! Metal Detectable Key Hole Tags and Tape Detectapro features a wide variety of metal detectable labels and tags. Key Hole Tags can be used to identify totes, ingredient bags, today’s production, racks or bins. Our disposable Key Hole Tags come in three sizes and a variety of colors. Face stock provides an uncoated paper printing surface with a thick metallic barrier to maximize resistance and durability. If you need something you don’t see, we have custom sizing and imprinting…

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Metal Detectable Markers for Each Step of Your Process.

Metal Detectable Markers for Each Step of Your Process. Detectapro offers a wide range of markers with food grade metal detectable and x-ray visible bodies and caps. We offer permanent, drywipe, highlighter, UV, and meat/cheese marking inks. The use of metal detectable stationery products is a clear display of due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination. We also offer detectable white board erasers. Our Jumbo Pallet marker features a 15mm wide tip, a 150mm length aluminum body and…

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Detectapro Retractable Pens are Metal and X-Ray Detectable.

Quality construction you need. Detectapro retractable pens are made from a shatterproof plastic and contain no small parts or springs (see photo to the right). Available in 8 colors. Three ink cartridge options include: standard, pressurized and roller ball. All our retractable pens comply with BRC 8 Clause Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimize the risk of physical contamination. Designed without small parts and detectable by foreign-body detection equipment.  Stick Pens are solid one-piece construction.…

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