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Metal Detectable Products

Miscellaneous Products

Anything else you may need that is metal detectable, from scrapers to tasting spoons, can be found here.

Tasting Spoon

Tasting Spoon

100% detectable tasting spoon allows for production area product sampling without the fear of final product contamination 5" long.

Metal Detectable Tape (MDTape)

Metal detectable tapes

Announcing metal detectable self adhesive tape. Tape is blue and similar to duct tape. Each roll is 2" wide x 55 yards. Adhesive coating has a backing to be peeled off before applying. This allows tape to be cut, sized, put in place and applied. Heat resistant to 428°F.

Key Card/Badge Holder

Key Card Badge Holder

Access/identification cards can now safely be held in a fully detectable holder. Clips to a lanyard either vertically or horizontally.


Brush set

Five models to choose from. Brush brstles are detectable, however, handle is not detectable.

MDB01- Bannister
MDB02- Churn
MDB03- Utility
MDB04- Small Broom
MDB05- Large Broom

Stainless Steel Key Ring

Stainless Steel key ring

Lanyard is made of stainless steel. It can be used to attach pens or knives that need to remain in certain area. Stainless steel cable is 48" long.



Detectable pitchers are available in 1 liter and 2 liter sizes. Both pitchers have liter and ml measurements on the side. Entire pitcher is detectable.



Flexible plastic and stainless steel scrapers. Plastic scrapers are 100% detectable and available in three sizes to fit most needs. Very Flexible (1.5mm thick), Semi Rigid (2.5mm thick), and Rigid (3.5mm thick) dough cutter scraper. Designed to be gentler on expensive equipment. Plastic scrapers also available in White Flexible model.

Stainless steel version has detectable plastic handle and is available in two sizes. Standard Flexible and Rigid dough cutter model.

MDSCR01- Flexible plastic scraper 1.5mm thick.
MDSCR02- Semi rigid plastic scraper 2.5mm thick.
MDSCR03- Rigid plastic scraper/dough cutter 3.5mm thick.
MDWSCR01- White, Flexible.
MDWSCR02- White, Flexible.
MDSSCR01- Flexible stainless scraper with plastic detectable grip.
MDSSCE02- Rigid stainless steel scraper/dough cutter with plastic detectable grip.

Silicone Lanyard


Metal detectable silicone lanyards are produced from 1.0 mm thick food grade silicone cord containing evenly dispersed metal detectable additives. As well as the silicone cord being detectable, the various metal parts also add to the items detectability.

The silicone cord features a 6mm diameter hole at the back of the neck to act as a deliberate weak point – allowing the lanyard to break at a reasonable force to prevent trapping accidents. We highly recommend that customers carry out their own testing and risk assessments before introducing to your production environment.

Product Advantages:

  • Detectable by conventional metal detection systems
  • Highly visible blue colour for easy visual identification
  • Split ring and sprung clasp for attaching items
  • Excellent durability & safety break point as standard